Important Fare Updates

QuickTicket Physical Card, App or Cash Only – Magnetic Fare Tickets, Transfers and Change Cards Discontinued.


Be Prepared

QuickTicket allows riders to pay before they go, protect their purchases, and keep passes in one place.

Set Up Your Account

With an account, you can track your history, add fare remotely, and transfer funds to new cards.

Go Anywhere

Whether you’re riding locally or regionally, use the same QuickTicket on any WeGo service.

Manage it All Online

You can set up an account online to reload your card at a threshold, or monthly or just when you need it.

Buy on the Go

With the QuickTicket app, buy passes anywhere, add value anytime, and never miss your next connection.

Protect Your Money

Lose your card or phone? No worries. Your online account allows you to transfer your balance.

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